Home Selling Tips

Clean Clean Clean!

Unclutter and create space! Clutter makes a home seem smaller and therefore less desirable.  Closets are particularly important.  Consider installing closet organizers and "expanding" closet space.

Curb Appeal!  is critical in the sale of your home.  How your home appears from the street will give a first and lasting impression.  Keep your grass cut, sidewalks trimmed, windows cleaned and you'll be ahead of the game.

Don't  make the back yard the dumping ground just because most people will come in the front.  The only people who typically don't care about the back yard and the home's exterior, are condominium buyers.

Your front door should make the first favourable impression.  Look at it objectively.  Is it faded or worn?  Is the weather-stripping  loose?  Consider repairing, or replacing it.

Put yourself in the buyer's shoes.  Tour your home. What would you like to see? If you are driving up to your potential dream house and the only thing you can say is, "it will look better inside" you've only got one option: It had better be a knockout inside or it will never get off the market.

Remodeling  your kitchen or bathroom will give you a greater return on your investment than most other improvements.  This can affect the saleability of your home.

Be sure  paint on the garage door or window shutters is not peeling.  A clean garage looks larger than it actually is.

Never underestimate smell.  All visitors appreciate a clean, fresh aroma in a house.  Bake bread or cookies, build a fire in the fireplace to intensify a feeling of humans.  Use scented detergents because the buyer will identify the usual cleanser smell immediately.

Oh, and the two essential  areas to pay attention to?  Naturally the kitchen and bathrooms.  Make sure the refrigerator doesn't look like a bulletin board.  No mold anywhere, replace the silicone caulking if necessary, but make sure they are clean!!

Think "neutral"  in your home decor if you are considering selling your home.  While your unique personality may be expressed in your choice of paint colours and furnishings, buyers may have a difficult time visualizing their furnishings in your home.  Call me for tips on decorating that may help your home sell faster and for a higher price.

Set the right price  for your home and chances are it will sell much faster!  price it too high and you will turn off potential buyers.  I can help you determine the right price by analyzing the actual selling prices of comparable homes in your area.

Never apologize for the condition of your home - that only tends to draw attention to what you think is wrong. Let the buyer come to his own conclusions and set his own standards.  Do your best and then hope for the best.